Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Destination in the Making!

  For those of you who have followed us the past 11 years this has been a long time coming! Mom and I have worked really hard to get to a place that we can call "Home" for our business.  When all the odds were against us and the light at the end of the tunnel was bleak God managed to always guide us in the right direction and open doors that seemed untouchable.  We have had so much support from our family and friends along the way and appreciate everyone we have met!

  The store journey began a couple years ago when Mom decided she wanted to get off the road a little more and be home to enjoy the things that are important to us like family! I was pregnant with my first child so we knew that life was gonna force us to change something.  She found the first piece of property she was interested in for the store and when that didn't come together she was a little bummed! Then another piece caught her eye and when the financing fell through a family friend who was helping advise the deal just called and said he would finance it! A God thing for sure! She never asked or anything just assumed that wasn't part of God's plan! But when she got that call if she ever doubted where she was suppose to go she knew then! At this point a year had gone by and I was pregnant with my second child (Close I know!!!) and my brother and sister-in-law were expecting as well causing the need to be closer home and off the road even more!

  Mom went to bank after bank trying to get financed but was having a hard time since no one really understood the concept of our business and all the different avenues we have, plus the lending market was a bit tight since the economy etc.  Once again though, God came through and sent mom to a bank that said they would love to work with us and were actually excited for us! This was a 4 year process all together! There were times when mom just wanted to throw in the towel and give up! She questioned if that's even where we were suppose to be! There were ALOT of pep talks, hugs, tear wiping and frustration for sure!

When we finally got the call that we were getting the store after hours and hours, days, weeks, and months of getting bids, making phone calls, scheduling appointments and so on it was an emotion of we finally did it, it's really happening, OMG we're gonna have a store that we have to work at everyday :O! A total surge of emotions balled into one! Here is the actual picture we took when we got the call!!!!
We're dorks I know!

We are now getting ready for the slab.  That means plumber the dreaded electrical and then concrete!!!!
Here's the stages so far:
Dirt work...

Ready for plumbing and electrical!

We hope that in building this it will give our family a chance at some normalcy not that it will ever be normal and a place for us to work away from home! We would like for our homes to be the safe havens they were intended to be instead of a storage compartment for all of our stuff, offices etc.! Where our family can enjoy each other while making a living at the same time!  We appreciate everyone who has helped in this process and for all of those who we will cross paths with during this new journey.  A friend, and antique dealer we know, Mark, put it well when he said that we were building, "Our Destination!" Which is so true we have been on the journey now it's time to get to the destination! Bitter Sweet!

The frequent Q&A :
Where will the store be located? It's actually about 5 miles north of where we live on I-45 Southbound in New Waverly, Tx.

Will we still travel? At this point yes! We enjoy traveling and getting to see and meet everyone!

How big is it and what will you sell?  It's 10,000 sq ft with the back half being warehouse and manufacturing for all of our wholesale goods. The front half with have an original antique soda shop serving ice cream and refreshments, antiques, apparel and home goods.  We will turn the current barn that is there on the site for storage into an antique architectural warehouse.  It will be nothing like you have ever seen or experienced and a must see that's for sure!

I will TRY to keep you posted on the process as it unfolds (key word try)!!!:)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shop till you dRoP!!!

So, if any of you have never experience the Houston Nutcracker Market in Houston, Texas then you are missing out! The who's who of vendors are juried into their show annually and have 100's of Fabulous vendors!!!! This is our fifth year to attend the show and boy is it crazy.  These ladies wrap around Reliant Center in order to get in and shop during this one time of year! You can enjoy a nice adult beverage while shopping in some of the trendiest boutiques in the US! That's right, vendors from all over the US come to participate in this event.  They have a wide variety as well from the latest styles in Christmas decorating, to home, entertaining, clothing, accessories, minks and more! You can also come with your girlfriends and tailgate in the parking lot with the best of em! It's like football for girls. This years market dates are November 8-11 and admission is $13 per person.  I will attach a link below so you can go and get all of the specifics online! Be sure to come by and see us if you happen to make the haul! XOXO, Megan

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY Bohemian Bangles

Well, yesterday my creative juices were going and I just had to release them somehow! The monotany of uploading items to the website was killing me and I just needed some happy time! So I walked into the warehouse and found a set of cheap bracelets we had laying around along with a serape scarf and some old pom pom trim pieces. I thought this combo would make some killer boho bangles! Right?! So I thought this would be fun to make and could show step by step so all of you would be able to make your own or get encouraged to put your own crafty touch on it! So here is how I made these particular bracelets set by step! Enjoy :):

Step 1: Get together all of your materials! I am using some scrap serape facric and pom pom trims.  I also have a set of 12 bangles. Cut your material into approximately 3/4 yd. sections then group your bangles into 3 sets.

Step 2: Tie a knot around the first group of bangles then begin wrapping it in and out around the entire set overlapping each time.

Step 3: Once you get to the original knot tie another knot beside it and cut the remaining fabric off and Voila! You now have a set of fabulous bohemian bangles!

Good Luck!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Celeb Scarf CrAzE!

So, for those of you who do not know, I have a SERIOUS scarf fetish! Here in Houston, Texas it is typically hot as hell year around, leaving me very little window of opportunity to wear ALL of my scarves! :(  Therefore, when the spring and fall transition scarves started popping up everywhere I was totally stoked! Now I wouldn't look like the crazy, scarf lady in town wearing a scarf in 90 degree weather because DUH! that's the style! So for those of you who have tons of scarves like myself here are a few fabulous ways to wear them as modeled by some of Hollywood's hottest celebs:
OMG! Wear it in your hair?!!! Why haven't I been doing this all along? Don't worry I will definitely be rockin' this look!

Loving Rhinana's tassel scarf we actually have some similar on www.annettestouchofclass.com! I like all of the different prints and textures! It can really set off just a simple outfit! Well girls, that's my spill for the day! Until Wednesday you better dig in drawers, pull out those scarves and get creative in wearing them because I know I will! :) XOXO, Meg

Friday, August 17, 2012

Spice Village

So for those of you who are not from Waco, Texas there is a great little gem called, "Spice Village." Spice is a collection of boutiques under one roof.  We have had the pleasure this past month of joining their collection and are featuring several custom items exclusive to our Spice location!  If you are ever near Waco you have got to stop and enjoy lunch and shopping! I travel all over the U.S. setting up for shows and at markets etc. and have to say that this shopping venue has a great variety of shopping for everyone! Here is a sample of our space there and what we have to offer!

We were able to get a little creative on our displays since we wouldn't be lugging it around like we typically have to do! :) Until next time XOXO, Megan!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Music to my ears!

I often wonder how certain environments make you feel a certain way? So after asking myself that same question in regards to different settings and senerios I often find the common mood changer is MUSIC! It's crazy how music can make you happy, sad, pumped up, or even mad! It's really weird when you start to think about it. I stream Pandora most of the day while I'm working and listen to a variety of music and as I sit here.  Sometimes I find myself emotionally envolved in a song, it either reminds me of a time in my life, a person I know, a feeling I once felt you name it and song can pretty much some it up! That's why at funerals they typically play slow sad songs, at weddings they play love songs, and at parties pumped up party songs.  I'm just sayin' you need to put on some good, old, happy music that makes you smile and it will help you to have a great day! I love music so much that sometimes it feels like it is speaking to my soul to where I smile rhythms and bleed beats.  I know in another life I was probably a hippie that twirled in the sun to Bob Dylan, Janice Joplin, and a few others while wearing flowers in my hair and peace sign paintings on my arms LOL!!! Or drove a long pink Cadillac with huge fins on the back while jamming out to "Long Cool Woman," by The Hollies while wearing a tight dress with a scarf tied around my pin curls and cat eye glasses. I have obviously put a little thought in to my past lives :) haha! Whatever it may be music speaks when sometimes there are no words to describe your emotions and can be a very powerful thing! So now go turn on the radio put it on a really good station that you like and turn it up as loud as you can and let the music consume you! Sing like no one can hear or see you dance around like you never have and enjoy life we only get one shot so better enjoy it while we can! Until next time Rock ON!!!! ;) XOXO Megan

Monday, July 9, 2012

How to be a multi-functioning mother on the Road

So for those of you who do not know by now I have two beautiful little girls, Cansas and Sailor. Cansas is 2 1/2 and Sailor is 1 1/2, they are only 11 months apart and a handful to say the least!  I often wonder if I am scaring them for life with our road schedule and traveling all over the USA?! Thankfully enough God blessed me with a wonderful husband who does a fabulous job at playing mom when I am gone!  So many people have NO idea what it takes to be a stay at home mom, who still works full time from her home, while raising 2 kiddos and trying to keep a happy husband all while traveling at least one week out of the month.  Sheeeewww I get exhausted just thinking about it. My typical daily schedule consist of: getting up with the girls around 7-8am getting everyone ready for the day (that's typically why I look like a hot mess while running errands, etc. Its a chore to get two little girls hair fixed, clothes, shoes, bows, all while they run around  aggrevagting each other and melt-downs and who can forget a diaper bag with juice cups, babies, and whatever else u need) we will run and get breakfast and me a large Coke from Sonic (*Can't live without that*), I will then take them to the park or some sort of facility or activity where they are free to be kids! My kids do not like being indoors especially in our house on a regular basis they are bored to tears. I don't know why??? We have hundreds of toys, a swing set, life size play house, motorized vehicles and everything else under the sun that they never play with so I just quit buying them.  So, after our morning adventure we come home a little before lunch so I can make lunch and then we start whinding down for nap.  I will put them on a movie and then it's nap time. If I'm lucky I can get 2-3 hours kids free to work.  I cram as much as I can in that 3 hour period to keep up with my work and sometimes that doesn't work out either.  My goal is to work at least 5 hours a day M-TH and all day Friday since my mom watches the girls for me so I can get caught up.  Whatever I don't finish up with on a daily basis to get my hours in I have to complete at night after the girls go to bed at 8:30.  So say I only worked 2 hours during the day I will then need to work 4 hours at night to stay caught up and to get my hours. It's a chore but I love spending quality time with the girls and who needs sleep anyways right?!?! So as I sit here and blog at 9pm while still having a mound of work to do I better get busy and get to work :) Until next time pray for my sanity :)))) J/K XOXO Megan